Seven Strategies for Guaranteed Success

Key to success

7 “success strategies” that can help you achieve optimal results long-term

I would like to share 7 “success strategies” that can help you achieve optimal results long-term.

  1. Always have a plan for your snacks and meals so that you’re not stuck in a situation that may tempt you to deviate from your program.
  2. Always carry along one or two protein snacks for “emergencies” so you don’t skip meals. Skipping meals can lower your metabolism and unfortunately result in binge eating.
  3. Plan to have your meals and snacks every few hours so that you don’t become too hungry. If there will be an especially long period of time between a meal and snack, be sure to have an extra protein snack so you’re not tempted to grab the first food you see!
  4. Don’t save part of a meal to eat at another time and don’t combine meals and/or snacks. Doing so can result in eating too much food at one time which will negatively effect your results. If you inadvertently skip part of a meal, don’t attempt to make up for it later.
  5. Prepare the same meals for your family as you are eating. It’s healthier for them and it helps you avoid unnecessary temptation. If your family insists on an occasional “fattening” meal, ask them to go out to eat it rather than you preparing it or them eating it in front of you.
  6. Remember to do one Protein only day each week. I recommend choosing the same day each week so you remember it and are prepared for it.
  7. Remind yourself every day of the benefits and rewards of achieving your goals.  Stay positive.

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