Just where do you begin?

Ok, so you want to get fit. Well, here’s the good news – you don’t have to run a marathon every week to do so, you don’t have to torture yourself each and every day until your body aches and you don’t have to starve yourself until it hurts. A lot of people are confused over how they should start their new health and fitness plan and it’s this confusion which is stopping them in the first place.

The first step is making a change, no matter how small, purely to motivate yourself into wanting to do more, and to see more results. It’s a rather simple process that people tend to over complicate in the beginning stages.

There’s a certain simplicity to being healthy – firstly, it’s as easy as moving. You just have to get your body moving, that’s it. Move a little more each day and you’ll burn more than normal. Secondly, it’s about having an all-round healthy attitude which influences all aspects of your life – not the belief that if you can do one painful session in the gym, then act as you please for the next week.

 In an episode of A Current Affair last week, a 250kg man does just this. At first he was barely able to walk down the street, and barely wanted to. However, when training in a pool, his attitude changed. The fact that his body weight was somewhat supported by the water made this beginning process a lot easier for him. He didn’t feel as self-conscious and spent 20 minutes exercising in the pool. An amazing start to what will eventually be 100kg loss.

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