Fast food brands & their healthy partnerships: Care or Con?

As more and more fast food brands partner with ‘healthy’ companies it seems that the only thing healthy to be got from the situation is the size of their bank balance.

It has been reported that many fast food chains did reasonably well in the recession as consumers opted to purchase cheaper items like bottles of soda over health food with higher price tags.

Now, after recession, there seems to be something else that is helping them out – and that’s selling on the back of a health brand. The consumer gets more health conscious by the day, and unfortunately, so do the marketing companies.

The Biggest Loser joined forces with Domino’s Pizza under the shade of wanting to promote the Domino’s ‘healthy range’ which is a small selection of reduced fat and sodium pizzas.

However the marketers spin it – which they do, and they do well – Dominoes is still a pizza company. It still sells extremely unhealthy food that does not sit with the Biggest Loser brand. Their ‘good choice range’ does of course, but if you look at the menu as a whole and the percentage of healthy offers compared to unhealthy, and possibly compare the increase in sales across both ranges, then you can safely see that on the back of the ‘healthy team up’ they have increased sales of unhealthy food.

And it is happening across the board, with McDonald’s and Weight Watchers making a partnership and Nestle buying Jenny Craig.

But you have to ask yourself, if they really cared so much about health, would they make such unhealthy partnerships?

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  1. Gordon Stammers says:

    Well said and hope you can get to spread this message Cheers

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