Labeling laws could be changing?????

The labeling of food is a confusing process for many – we also tend to feel less guilty when we can’t see the stats of the food we’re consuming, which certainly doesn’t help the general push to label all food. We can go to a bar and drink a glass of wine relatively guilt free when we can’t see how much sugar we’re consuming. However, slam a label on the side of the glass and show us just what we’re doing to our bodies and we suddenly recoil in disgust – or at least, that’s the plan.

It may be soon be introduced that all alcoholic beverages are labeled with their exact contents. The urge comes as more and more pregnant women continue to drink during their pregnancy and end up causing harm to their baby.

One doctor commented: ‘We have got to get over the notion that it is politically safe to talk about the bad effects of smoking but not the even more harmful effects of drinking while pregnant.”

Former health minister Neal Blewett has commented: “it was rather odd that you have all this information, all this advice, yet at the point of sale there is no indication at all”

In Britain, a traffic light labeling process was introduced with three stickers on food – red for high in fat, yellow for ok, and green marked clearly for “go”! This is a simple and very easy to follow system which Australia is hoping to adopt and even use across its alcohol companies.

But would this make you change your habits? Let us know…

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