Life is too short to be negative

Choose life, be positive and you will get ahead.

If you want to be successful in any area of your life, then having a positive outlook is a requirement. Negativity is a cancer. Whinging, complaining, intimidation, fear, guilt, ridicule, prejudice, self-doubt; these are all forms of negativity coming from within or other people. While some can be controlled, others needed to be cut-off.

If people in your life are dragging you down, then you have the power to pick them up and get rid of them for good. Imagine what a heavy, dampening and drowning weight would be lifted out of your life by doing so. Ridding yourself of negative people will give you more room to enjoy your life and most importantly, be happier. You can achieve your goals without somebody’s opinion holding you back.

It’s okay to slowly remove yourself out of a person’s life. It’s often a hard thing to do, because negative people tend to wield power from people, causing intimidation. You are more prone to accepting negative people into your life during your teenage years because of insecurities and fear of being subject to their fury. As adults, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s never too late to turn your outlook on life into a positive one. A half-full glass of wine is better than a half-empty glass, that’s for sure. Why not exercise a placebo effect in your life, without the need of sugar pills. Life is short and everybody deserves to be happy. Do not feel obligated to be loyal to people who aren’t loyal to you. Live a healthy live full of good food, exercise and people who love you, and you can achieve anything.

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