Staying in shape while travelling

Check out these exercises you can do to maintain fitness and physique while you’re jetsetting.

It’s not worth letting your fitness and physique slip just because you’re jet setting around the country – or the world. Whether you travel frequently, are posted abroad for work or are on a road trip and your local gym is out of the question, there are many exercise tips you can try in order to stay in shape. And it doesn’t matter what kind of exerciser you are either!

Go for a run
Why don’t you start your day with a crisp early morning run? It’s the best way to prepare your mind and physique and stay fit, too. Consider running to a nearby beach, through iconic parks or whatever else attractions are on offer that are scenic and encouraging.

Exercise in your room
If you forgot to pack your favourite workout DVD or resistance bands in your luggage, it’s always possible to achieve a great workout in your room thanks to bodyweight training exercises. Begin with a few sets of sit-ups, push-ups and planking. You can also keep it creative and use your bed to perform triceps dips, a wall for wall squats. or even hold a water bottle in each hand to substitute weights while lunging or squatting.

Find a local gym
If your hotel accommodation doesn’t offer an in-house gym facility with basic equipment, your next bet is to locate a fitness centre nearby. Sometimes you may even find that your gym pass back home has locations in the area you’ll be travelling to, so it’s worth paying attention.

Sight see on foot
If your keen on seeing the city or area you’re staying in, then why not explore it on foot? Walking everywhere is a lot more healthier then hopping on trains or busses for a few stops. And driving hire cars and taking taxis can be expensive anyway.

Hire a bike
Bike riding is just as effective as opting to stay on foot. Except with biking, you’re burning a lot more calories. It’s a cheap alternative to using public transport or driving to explore a city. And let’s face it: There are many cities in the world that are made to be seen by bike. Think of Paris and Berlin.

Keep your abs
All of your basic abdominal workouts can still be performed anywhere, since leg raises, crunches and sit-ups do not necessarily need weights to still be effective. If you really want to up the intensity, run up a set of stairs between sets in order to keep your heart rate up.

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