A Guide to Training and Fitness Terminology

You’d be surprised at how much fitness lingo people don’t really understand. They’re be at the gym and will act like they know what an instructor, trainer or other member is talking about, when the reality is they have no idea.

Do you know what the real definition of toning, plateau, super sets, drop sets, cutting, bulking, raw lifting, ROM, BPM, RMR, spotting and tapering are? If you don’t, read up for a quick homework session. Chances are, you’ll improve your training technique if you understand correct fitness and training terminology.

Toning – This common term is often misused. It actually refers to the process where body fat is lost in a certain area and muscle mass is gained; resulting in a toned appearance.

Bulking – Refers to consuming a caloric intake that is significantly higher than a person’s daily requirements in a bid to gain weight. It’s a term used frequently by body builders.

Cutting – Refers to consuming a reduced caloric intake in a bid to lower one’s body fat levels. In other words, stripping fat, so muscle underneath appears to be more “cut” and defined in appearance.

Spotting – When a workout buddy watching your technique and form for safety reasons, especially while lifting weights.

Tapering – When one reduces their training intensity prior to a major competition so the body is given enough time to recover and prepare to reach peak performance.

Raw Lifting – When one lifts weights without the assistance of a compression shirt, strap or belt.

Plateau – When one stops achieving results or any progress from the same workout regime.

Super Sets – When one performs a set of particular exercises back to back with little or no rest. Great for fat loss and muscle conditioning.

Drop Sets – A training style where one performs a set with a heavier weight, then immediately performs the same set using a light weight.

Endurance – The human body’s ability to exercise with minimal fatigue

BPM – Beats per minute; the unit to measure heart rate.

RMR – Resting metabolic rate; the body’s rate of energy use after a full eight hour sleep.

ROM – Range of motion; the range of flexion and extension a joint can be moved.

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