It’s all pretence!

Snacking on, and drinking foods that are labelled as good for you, has got to be one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to our diets.

There are many culprits in the food industry but one of the biggest (especially over the summer months) is low carb beer. As the sun shines, many people turn to a refreshing beer as a thirst quencher… and many opt to drink low carb beer, as they believe it will have less effect on their bodies.

However, it’s been revealed that Australian drinkers are being exploited by this low carb myth as many are fooled into believing that this is the beer to drink to promote good health.

In fact, when surveyed, 38% of people thought it was actually healthier than lower-alcohol light beer compared to 36% who knew it wasn’t. This is a shocking statistic – more people believe that low carb beer is actually healthier than low alcohol beer. The results of a great marketing tool it seems. The consumer’s ‘desire’ to make a healthy choice is what is being exploited. People want to do the right thing and are being fooled into thinking that they are. What’s worse is that many people have admitted to drinking more, purely because they believe it to be healthier.

What the consumer should actually look out for is kilojoules as this is far more relevant to your health… it is the units of energy that your body will need to burn after intake. The ones you don’t burn will turn into fat – but the marketers don’t want to teach anybody about that it seems!

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