Should we push for nutrition to be on the school syllabus?

Some health and nutrition experts have began to argue that the syllabus should now incorporate health classes – and that if there’s not enough time to fit this into the timetable then sports and games should incorporate nutritional education as part of their classes.

One school in Sydney has actually already started doing this and has earned itself top marks when it comes to pleasing both parents and education authorities. Even the children are enjoying the classes!

The idea is that by teaching children about food, they are taking life-lessons away with them and helping to keep their weight healthy for the rest of their lives. The school, Coogee Public School, has introduced a Healthy Active Kids program, which aims to improve diets and increase exercise levels.

The idea is that if kids learn how to be healthy at an early age it will lower the risk of becoming overweight in adulthood and be a lesson that is taken away with them for the rest of their lives, having a continuous beneficial impact. As part of the initiative, the school gave out journals to almost all of its 560 students. They used these to record how active they are and what they are eating. In class they then focused on nutrition, physical activity and exercising the mind. Deputy principal Stewart Crawford said: ‘We have had such a positive response that we are looking to run it again. There’s been a 15 per cent increase in the number of children who say their diet is excellent.’

Ley us know what you think of this initiative….

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  1. Simone says:

    I absolutely LOVE it!!! Since becoming a fitness trainer 6 years ago almost everything I learn seems to me like the sort of life enhancing knowledge that should be taught in schools. It’s as vital to success and survival as reading and writing, and some might argue, even more so. Get this stuff right early on and the quality of life in the long term can only improve. I have two small children and anything that can reinforce the positive message about healthy food and exercise is good in my book. Great stuff – more of it please 😀

  2. Elyse says:

    I think this is a long overdue syllabus needed in our schools. A big 10/10 for everything Simone Said, having a young daughter of my own i find it hard to instill upon her the importance of healthy eating, especially when so many other kids are eating sugar infused, high preservative foods.
    A much needed system needs to be pout into place to save the health of our future.

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