Can I eat carbs at night?

Should we listen to Hollywood and refrain from eating carbs at night?

Hollywood has been telling us since forever that a low-carb, or even no-carb diet, is the best diet. Is this really the case? Are we just starving ourselves to lose weight or perhaps there is a better time to eat carbs.

The truth is carbs are good for you and we need to eat them in order to maintain a balanced diet. On the other hand, you will put on weight if you eat carbs or any kind of food the wrong way. The old saying goes: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper. When it comes to consuming carbs at night, definitely eat less and cut out the starchy kind (pasta, rice, bread) after 6pm.

The main reason is because carbohydrates are quite complex and much harder for the body to break down. They also take longer to burn off at night when your insulin levels are less sensitive and you’re more inclined to convert carbs into fat stores. And if you’re over-consuming food so late in the evening, you’re not giving your body a chance to burn it off in time. Therefore, this results in unwanted weight gain that is linked to night-time eating.

We often crave carbs at night due to serotonin; a feel good hormone. Serotonin levels rise when carbs are eaten which ultimately makes us feel great. After a short period, serotonin will revert back to normal levels and you will be screaming for more carbs and sugar. This is a major contributor as to why a large fraction of people are more inclined to overeat their carbs.

If you find you’re overeating at night, especially carbs, you need to re-evaluate your eating habits throughout the day. Break negative eating habits, find emotional alternatives to eating food and focus on planning a well balanced diet so your body isn’t going without necessary nutrients for a day.

Come night time and you do crave carbs, eat to take the edge off your hunger with a small portion. Let’s face it: Unless you’re a bodybuilder, athlete or somebody who exercises strenuously in bed, carb-packed meals are not needed at night. By eating a small carb serving then going to bed early, you won’t feel hungry until the morning if you’re asleep and you won’t overeat.

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