My Bodybuilding Preparation Eating Plan

Many people have asked what I ate each day in preparation for the Natural Body Building comp I did in May 2009. It was pretty simple really: the key is to just stick to it.

Black coffee before training each day

Breakfast = 50grams of oats with 6 egg whites and one yolk

Morning Tea =50grams of oats with 2 scoops of Vanilla Vision protein powder

Lunch = 100 grams of grilled chicken breast with mixed salad

Afternoon = 100 grams of grilled chicken with mixed salad

Dinner = 200 grams of chicken / beef or salmon with broccoli, zuchini and beans

Supper = Rice cakes with Natural Peanut butter

8 glasses of water each day.

During the final 8 days leading up to the comp, I also Sodium loaded and depleted.

Saturday              4000mg

Sunday                 5000

Monday               6000

Tuesday               7000

Wednesday        8000

Thursday             8000

Friday                    500

Saturday              500

Sunday                 250

Cut water at midday Saturday (ice cubes only)

I also manipulated my carb intake in the final week leading up as follows:

Monday to Thursday      Normal food intake (do not panic)

Friday – 250g (Oats with water, rice cakes, water based carbs)

Saturday – 300g (Oats with water up til midday, rice cakes after midday)

Sunday – 300g (Dry oats, Honey, peanut butter, banana, rice cakes)

Follow the sodium loading, carb loading and dehydration plan and watch yourself get ripped by Sunday morning!

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